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Rat Adoption Agency - DFW, Texas

Where you can adopt out your rats, adopt rats, or sell rodent items.

Rat Adoption in Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Texas
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My Late Baby Minty

Rat Adoption

This is a place where you are able to put any age rats up for adoption (obviously the ones that are weaned). It can be tiny to full grown, if you are unable to take care of a rat, here is a great chance to find him or her a home.

Yes, there are rules.

--Please put all pictures under an LJ cut (if you don't know how to do an LJ cut, please click here)

--If you want to just share your rats, that is alright, but please mention in the title that the rat is not up for adoption.

--Be nice to others, if someone asks a question that you feel is "stupid" and all you can think of is a bad reply, then don't reply at all.... the whole "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" certainly applies and I will take action if I feel something you have said is inappropriate.

--Please make sure when you list the rats that are up for adoption, that you list what types, sexes, and ages they are, if you have already named the rat(s) list their names as well, along with their personality. Telling people what the rat(s) are like helps make the decision on weither they want to actually adopt it or not.

--If the rat has a life time illness or is about to die, or only has a couple months left and you are adopting out due to lack of funds, please make a note of that... nothing is worse than getting a rat and you not knowing that you have to spend $300 on a rat that isn't going to live much longer anyway... you should let others know what they are getting into.

--Most importantly: If you are coming here to get rats as feeders, I will not tolerate it! If I find out, you will be banned from the community, this community is for people who keep rats as pets.


Please join ratadopt_dallas

(I messed up on where the underscore was and I had already closed the program.. I will try and make another banner soon)