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Rat adopting?

I've got three right now, one I adopted that is about a year and a half, the other two being young, and I'm looking for a fourth. Maybe a rex or a dumbo rex as I have a dumbo and she is the cutest little thing.

I know there isn't many people around here and it's not very active but I hope that maybe I could get some help. I've been checking around craigslist, though I know that's not the best place, and I do not want to go to the Petco near me because that's where I got one of my youngsters. They do not handle their ratties and it makes me sad. I'd probably walk out with all of them. The PetsMart near me doesn't have rats in it so I'm looking for help wherever I can.

I have checked into the Warm And Fuzzies Rattery, but nothing lately. Female preferably, or neutered male as the three girls I have right now are ... Well, it'd be disastrous and while I would love a male, I've not the money to pay for a neutering at the moment. >_> so, yes.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I live in Sachse, the name's Bella. :)
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Anyone up for a challenge?

Not sure if this can be posted here, I'll delete if not.

At the Pet Supplies Plus in Plano (On Legacy), there is a cute male rat. He's hooded, beige and white, and full grown. Not sure of age.

He seems really friendly at first, but he's a biter. I was considering getting him but he tried to bite me everytime I got near him and I don't have the time to socialize an aggressive rat. (I have a 6 month old to chase around) I think if he was nuetered he would calm down, but my husband would think I was insane for nuetering a rat and wouldn't let me spend the money on it.

Anyway, I'm just worried about him because the staff seemed to not like him at all, so I don't think he's being treated well. And being a biter, his chances of being bought for anything other than snake food are not very good.

Just posting in hopes that someone will go check him out and maybe be able to give him a good home. He's only $6.
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Here is the long awaited pictures of the loner rattie I adopted! She came from a home where pretty much all they did was givew her shitty lab blocks and pine bedding and didn't change her cage for weeks. Poor baby.. she is well loved now though!

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Female In Irving,Tx

Found this on craiglist and I'm very concerned for this rattie that is not being held, please someone take her in.

$20 Dumbo Rat WITH CAGE
Reply to: comm-181599153@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-07-13, 12:52PM CDT

I have a 5 month old Female black and white dumbo rat with 3 story gage and water bottle. I got her a couple of months ago, then found out I was pregnant. She has not been handled in about a month.... so she will be nervous. She is very cute and sweet. She just needs a good and loving home.
You will need to come pick her up.
Thanks and feel free to email with any questions.

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Hairless Boy for adoption in Irving, TX

Hairless Rat --- $10

Reply to: comm-168226573@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-06-05, 12:50PM CDT

I have a 3 month old Gray Hairless Rat.
Adoption $10.

He is super sweet and doesn't bite!

Email me for more info!

this is in or around Irving

no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Rats for adoption in Richardson, TX

3 Rats with cage for free

Reply to: comm-168277798@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-06-05, 2:39PM CDT

I have 3 very sweet female rats who need a loving home....each rat has their own unique personality that make all three wonderful pets. I no longer have the time to spend enough time with the rats (who always want to come out to play) and would like to find them a good home....PLEASE, not to be used for feeders! These are beloved family pets...
I have food and litter as well

this is in or around Richardson

no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

What about shutting the hell up?!

Rattie Adoption

A friend of mine needs to adopt out her beloved rats because the friend they are staying with are about to not be able to house them anymore.

They are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area (TEXAS) and need a home ASAP.. I am trying to convince my BF to let us foster them but he won't budge. Please, if you are interested let me know.. my email is clgoforth@hotmail.com.

Ritz (ritz cracker!) - albino
Milkdud - black hooded
Skittles - dumbo (black except for a little white on his belly)

They come with their cage which is huge and can house up to 4 rats.

I forgot to add they are boys :)
What about shutting the hell up?!

I noticed a few more..

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for joining and don't hesitate to promote. There is a banner on the info page :)

I need to redo it because the underscore is in the wrong place.

Anyway, post here if you like with your names and ratties (assuming you have rats)